Tutor Application

Tutor Application
How many hours a week are you available?

Select location(s) where you'd like to work.

CU-Boulder Campus only, Downtown Fort Collins, Louisville, 10 mile radius around Denver

List courses you are proficient in AND can teach, not just ones you did well in. AVOID vague statements like "Any Physics course" because that is a false and useless statment.

Detail your past teaching and tutoring experience. Be sure to include
1) Duration at each position (1 semester, 1 year, 6 months)
2) Challenges you faced and how you handled them
3) How your past experience has influenced your teaching/tutoring approach.

Any thing we need to keep in mind when reviewing your application. For example, "I am job searching and will leave mid-semester when I get my dream job". Do NOT add questions here, you can pose questions in the interview.