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How It Works

How It Works

Quickly and easily connect with students in your area.

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Join Us!

Have what it takes to be a BuffTutor?

By carefully handpicking tutors, we have become a reliable source of exceptional tutors for students and parents. We review tutors' academic performance, previous teaching experience, performance on our (purposefully) tough proficiency exams. Apply Today!

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Review Tutor Requests & Select Students

We take care of all the hard work. Our tutors simply receive an e-mail alert when a new request comes. Tutors are free to accept the students they want to work with. Tutors are under no pressure to accept all proposals they receive, they simply select the ones that work best.

BuffTutor - Easily Find Students
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Get To Work

Once you've been matched with a student, what are you waiting for? Get to work! You focus on being the best tutor ever, and we'll handle the rest. Our online payment system makes it easy for tutors to get paid after each session.

Benefits of Joining BuffTutor

Set your own hours and schedule.

Set your own rate.

Take on as many or as few students as you want or can handle.

Work wherever you want. Don't commute if you don't want to!

Eligibility Criteria

Have at least one year (or 2 semesters) of teaching/tutoring experience

Have 3.0 or better major GPA (out of 4.0) in your field of study, not just a 3.0 cumulative GPA

Have completed the course you wish to tutor and have earned at least a B or better in the course.

Be able to work with assigned students through the end of the semester and be around until the end of finals. If you have plans to travel during the semester, you cannot be away for more than 7 days in the semester (this does not include school holidays).

Have work permissions to work in the country (we cannot sponsor tutors) and permission to work in an off-campus position (f you're not sure, contact your advisor).


Common Questions

Commonly asked questions & concerns.

I'm an international student, can I join?

It depends. All tutors must have work permissions to join BuffTutor. We do not sponsor tutors.

How soon will I get a student? How many hours can I expect?

We do not guarantee hours. All we can guarantee is that we work hard to get tutors as many students as they want. That said, Math/Science courses are requested the most. While we do get requests for Humanities courses, they are much fewer.

I am a teaching assistant for a course this semester, can I tutor it?

That's a hard NO! During the semester you are employed (in any capacity) to assist with a course, you cannot tutor that course at that school. You are welcome to tutor that course in a following semester, as long as you are not employed to assist with that course.

How do I get paid? How do I pay for BuffTutor's services?

We use Stripe to charge students and pay tutors. To protect tutors, we require all students to add a credit/debit card to their account. After each session, the tutor uses our platform to charge the student's card. We then deduct our service fee and immediately forward the funds to the tutor.

Are there additional fees?

No. Seriously, no. When we found a student for you, we will forward details of the tutor request to you to review. Included will be your net earnings. That's your take home amount, our fees have already been deducted.

So, what is our fee? The simple answer is it varies. Typically, 20-35% (well under industry standard of 40-60%). We try to keep it low to accomodate what the student can afford and what the tutor deserves to make. The longer the tutor has been with us, the lower the percent is and the more the tutor earns.

I'm not currently a student, can I join?

The real question is, do you love teaching? If yes, then welcome aboard! As long as you meet our eligibility criteria then you're welcome to apply.

I didn't earn a B but I really understand the material, can I tutor the course?

Go ahead and apply and point this out on your application. If you can ace our proficiency exams, then we'll consider overlooking the grade you earned when you took the course.