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Reviews - 93

Alexandra Grace W - Calculus-based Physics 1 - 1110

" Mogi is *so* helpful and patient. She was able to explain things I didn't realize I hadn't understood, in a way that I could actually remember and use after the session was over. She's extremely kind and approachable, and I never felt like I was asking "dumb" questions, which was a relief because when I came to her I was hugely self-conscious of my ability to understand physics. She modeled physics thinking in a way that made me much more comfortable with the subject matter. She was also experienced and thoughtful in her tutoring methods. I honestly felt so comfortable when I would come to sessions because I knew I would come out less confused and more knowledgeable. She was always completely professional and prepared. I wondered before the first session if the hourly rate was reasonable, and it was. You absolutely get what you pay for, which is a professional tutor with expert-level experience who knows the class you're in, and who will go the extra mile to make sure you understand what you need to. Thank you Mogi! With your help I was able to transfer from the college of Arts and Sciences to the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, something I wasn't sure I would ever be able to do. I get to be an engineer!! I can't recommend Mogi enough. "

January 2018

John S - Calc 3 (MATH 2400) & Material Science Chemistry (MCEN 1023)

" Mogi once again exceeded my expectations. She was very flexible with scheduling especially around midterms for meeting for extra sessions. She made the material very relatable and easier to understand. Her use of a notebook made homework easier with another set of notes to reference and examples of similar questions to what would be on a test made exams much less stressful. "

January 2018

John S - Phys 1120

" Mogi went above and beyond my expectations. She was always prepared and had a lesson ready each time. Her use of a tutor session specific notebook was huge and really made me prepared for my quizzes and exams. She put up with my at times stupid questions and never made me feel stupid for asking questions. I would absolutely recommend Mogi to anyone. "

May 2017

Amber H - Organic Chemistry 1

" I had an excellent experience with Mogi this semester. I really struggled with the material at the start of the semester and had a hard time grasping concepts in class. She is an excellent teacher and makes sure you are fully able to understand the material in depth, not just memorize how to do a problem. If something did not make sense to me, she was able to explain the material in multiple ways, which I found very helpful. As a result of meeting with Mogi throughout the semester I was able to achieve a high A in my class overall. "

May 2017

Rebecca L - General Chemistry 2 Chem 1133, Calculus 1 Math 1300

" Kind and thorough. Mogi made things easier to understand by providing good context. She was always on time. "

January 2017

Angie - Physics 2020

" Mogi is great at identifying exactly where I was falling short in my understanding of specific concepts. She doesn't just reteach you what is already covered in lectures, homework, etc. She is able to tailor explanations to my learning style, etc. "

May 2016

Ahmed - MATH_2300

" Mogi does an excellent job in helping you understand the material. She will go above and beyond to make sure you understand, whether its meeting up in the weekend, arranging extra sessions or taking you through the problem step by step. I would definitely recommend Mogi to anybody needing help with their courses and I will definitely go straight to her if I ever need help with any of the subjects she covers. "

May 2016

Allie - Materials and Energy Balances

" Mogi is a great tutor and will be willing to help you with whatever class problems you have. Even if it isn't the class she prepared for, if you have a quick question, she will be more than likely to help you. She is also very knowledgeable about the material she's helping you with. All around a great tutor. "

January 2016

Callie - Linear algebra

" A truly wonderful person who makes taking your course feel like a team effort. She pushes you to put in the time necessary and gives all the support and resources you would ever need. She is much more than just a tutor. "

January 2016

MyKala - APPM 1350 and CHEN 1211

" Mogi is the best tutor I ever had, got me through my first semester as an engineering student. She'll always give up her own time to fit to your schedule and won't give up on a concept until she knows you understand it. She's never not been able to answer questions I've had. "

January 2016

Zachary - CHEM 1251 & CALC 1300

" Mogi was great, I couldn't have asked for a better tutor. She would always answer my question and know how to answer them in a way that made since to me. "

December 2015

Emily - APPM 1360

" Mogi is a great tutor. She's very knowledgeable in the subjects she tutors for and helps break down the concepts so you can understand them better. When doing practice problems she has the student explain what they are doing and why they are doing it and helps them if they are lost. "

August 2015

Kelsey - CHEM 1134

" Some specific things Mogi did that were helpful to me are: - was flexible with timing - allowed for two hour sessions on weekends and extra sessions when needed - when giving explanations she would go through things in detail, and constantly check for understanding by asking questions - if i didn't understand an explanation she gave, she would always have a backup explanation with a different approach that I would understand - when covering a difficult problem she would go back and give an overview of the broader topic as needed - wrote down what she said (formulas/processes and such) and age me those sheets as needed - was very personable and understanding: never made me feel stupid or showed any frustration with me if I couldn't grasp a topic - she is very easy to be comfortable around, which makes it easier to ask her questions and admit if you need a more detailed or different explanation "

May 2015

Shannon - Calc 3/Physics 2

" Mogi is great! She is one of the best tutors I have ever had. "

January 2015

Millicent - Calculus 3 (APPM 2350)

" Mogi is fantastic! I have worked with her for 3 semesters, from Calc 1 to Calc 3. My tutoring sessions with her not only got me through Calculus, but she also taught me how to think critically and sort of develop a 'math brain.' I am now able to attack difficult problems on my own, where as before I didn't even know where to start! "

January 2015

Megan - Organic chemistry

" Mogi is the best of the best-- she has tutored me through general and organic chemistry and has helped me grasp each subject more thoroughly than I would have on my own. It is obvious that she cares deeply about my education and success. To top it off she is personable and kind and never made me feel silly for not understanding something. THANK YOU MOGI, I will miss you! "

January 2015

Lauren - ECON 1088

" Super helpful and very understanding. "

December 2014

Lan - CHEM3311

" Mogi exceeded my expectations at every meeting. She was always prepared and aware of the concepts we were covering that day. She adapted to my learning style and presented the material in a way that made it easy to learn. "

August 2014

Kelsea - Calculus 3

" Mogi takes the time to make sure you truly know how every bit and piece of a concept works together. She can approach problems from multiple different angles to figure out how best to help you get to a solution. Basically Mogi is an amazing tutor and she has helped me navigate the concepts of Calculus 3. She helped me to nearly double my second exam score after just a few sessions. She is fantastic at what she does and she will keep working with you until she is positive you have a concept down pat. I would very highly recommend her! "

August 2014

Kaitlyn - Chem 2

" Mogi is the best tutor I have ever worked with. She helps build confidence to do your best! "

June 2014

Brandon - APPM 2350

" Communicates very well and makes the most challenging problems seem manageable. "

May 2014

Megan - Chemistry and physics

" Mogi is so on top of the subject that even if I was too busy to fully prepare for our session, she knew how to make the most of an hour and guide me to areas that are tough or needed extra clarification. "

May 2014

Lan - CHEM1113

" Mogi is a GREAT tutor. She is able to quickly adapt her teaching style to best fit the student. She is extremely patient and understanding of a busy college schedule. I always felt comfortable asking her any question I had and she would always take the time to explain the material in a way that made me feel empowered and allowed me to come to my own conclusions through deeper understanding as opposed to just being told the answer. She was always prepared, professional, and punctual. I will definitely be using her for help in future CHEM courses. "

January 2014

Jessica - Calc 1, Gen Chem Engineers

" Mogi is amazing, I have tried multiple other Tutors and she has been by far the most knowledgable and helpful. I felt so much more prepared and confident after each session. She is great at explaining difficult concepts simply and also was good at assessing where I was confident and where I needed extra help. I would highly suggest Mogi to anyone she is fun to work with and is incredibly helpful. "

January 2014

Kaitlyn - CHEN 1211

" Mogi is an awesome tutor who can help with understanding Physics and Chemistry! "

December 2013

Charlie - Physics II

" I was satisfied with Mogi's performance. She did a great job helping me work through a summer physics course. I got a B without taking the final! "

August 2013

Robert - PHYS 1110& MATH 1300

" Mogi is a great tutor and teacher and I would recommend meeting with her. I met with her for Calculus and Physics and never left a session confused or with unanswered questions. "

June 2013

Betty - algebra based Physics 1

" Mogi is a great tutor! made everything so easy to understand! "

June 2013

Kaylee - Calculus 1

" I would recommend Mogi to anyone that is struggling with calculus. She made concepts much easier to understand and she was dedicated to making sure that I was completely comfortable with a subject before we moved on. I wouldn't have gotten through calculus without her! "

June 2013


" Moggi is organized, she knows her stuff, and she's extremely relatable. She loves what she does and it shows. She has old test that she'll send you to practice with, as well as detailed "review sheets" that she has written herself. Overall she's the best tutor I could have asked for. "

May 2013

Ashley - CHEM 3311

" Mogi was very helpful. She always was able to explain concepts to me in a clear way that I was able to understand. She was able to answer all my questions and she made sure I actually understood the material which was key. Without her I would not have made it through ochem! "

May 2013

Kara - General Chemistry 2 (CHEM 1133)

" Mogi was an exceptional tutor. She helped me improve my exam scores significantly by thoroughly explaining concepts and adjusting her style to meet my learning needs. Her patience was exceptional, even when I became frustrated by the material. Mogi was kinf and helped me to feel capable of learning the concepts. I would recommend Mogi to any student struggling in general chemistry. "

May 2013

Charlie - Calculus

" Mogi is a great tutor. She knows the material and is easy to work with. She is really helpful and even offeres supplemental material to make sure you get the subject "

December 2012

Cara - APPM 2360

" Mogi is an amazing tutor and she really knows how to convey the information I needed to know. She is so nice and made sure I knew the material! "

December 2012

Lan - APPM1360

" BuffTutor is a great website that made it easy for me to get the help I needed. Mogi is very knowledgeable and nice. She was able to quickly pick up on my learning style and cater her tutoring approach to best suit my needs. "

December 2012

Lan - APPM1350

" BuffTutor is a great website that made it easy for me to get the help I needed. Mogi is very knowledgeable and nice. She was able to quickly pick up on my learning style and cater her tutoring approach to best suit my needs. "

December 2012

Stephen - Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

" I highly recommend Mogi. She works hard for her students and really understands how to explain concepts and prepare you for exams. "

December 2012

Madison - Calculus and Physics

" I never thought I would be able to understand calculus or physics. Mogi has 100% exceeded my expectations in what I would want out of a tutor. She not only went slow when I needed her to but she helped me understand the main concepts of both my courses, which ultimately allowed me to succeed in my classes! "

December 2012

Scott - PHYS 1110

" Amazing tutor. Obviously not perfect, but as close as you can get. Mogi is very hard working and understanding. She knows the content thoroughly and can explain things in "dumb people" terms. Even if my grade is not what I would like it to be, this is because I did not do enough work to compliment Mogi's hard work. "

May 2012

Jacky - Physics 1 and 2

" Mogi is kind patient, encouraging, and extremely helpful! I couldn't have gotten through my classes without her! She was my tutor, my professor, my TA, everything all in one. She was also became a friend and always professional. "

May 2012

Marc - Math 1081 Business Calculus

" Knew everything about the material, very understanding and easy to work with. "

May 2012

Wilson - chemistry and calculus

" Working with her, Mogi's incredible and comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter becomes immediately apparent. As a result, she is able to approach the same topic from a variety of standpoints until it really clicks. She is incredibly patient, kind, fun to work with and always helpful. "

December 2011

Scott - APPM 2360

" Amazing tutor! She was very understanding and patient. She was also surprisingly good with last minute needs (around exams). If you can afford Mogi, get Mogi! "

December 2011

Blake - Differential Equations

" Excellent tutor! Would recommend to anyone having trouble understanding a subject who needs a different approach to the material! "

December 2011

Jake - Math1080

" Mogi was very helpful with finite math. She knew was she was talking about and taught it in an easy and simple way. "

December 2011