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    Mogi received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University at the age of 19 and received her M.S. in Chemical & Biological Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  At Purdue, she was employed as a Calculus and Chemistry tutor by the university's Minority Engineering Program.  She also worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the Chemical Engineering Calculations course (equivalent to CU's Chemical Engineering Materials & Energy Balances course) and for the Design of Staged Separation Processes course.  As a graduate student at CU, she worked as an advanced graduate teaching assistant for the Chemical Engineering Kinetics  course. 
  In the Fall of 2009, Mogi left CU's PhD program and founded the BuffTutor Network. Since then, she has tutored hundreds of students in Math, Chemistry and Physics.  As a full-time tutor, Mogi is able to devote all of her time to addressing her students' academic needs, and as the director of the BuffTutor Network, she works tirelessly to assist hundreds of other students find the best tutors in the Boulder area.

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  • Teaches In English
  • Group Size: 1 - 2 Students

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Courses Tutored

MATH 1011 - College Algebra
MATH 1071 - Finite Mathematics for Social Science and Business
MATH 1081 - Business Calculus
APPM 1235 / MATH 1150 - Precalculus Mathematics
APPM 1350 / MATH 1300
APPM 1340 / APPM 1345 - Calculus 1 (Calc 1)
APPM 1360 / MATH 2300 - Calculus 2 (Calc 2)
APPM 2350 / MATH 2400 - Calculus 3 (Calc 3)
APPM 2360 - Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
ECON 1078 - Mathematical Tools for Economists 1
ECON 1088 - Mathematical Tools for Economists 2
CHEM 1021 - Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 1113 - General Chemistry 1
CHEM 1133 - General Chemistry 2
CHEN 1211 - General Chemistry for Engineers
PHYS 1110 / PHYS 2010 - General Physics 1
PHYS 1120 / PHYS 2020 - General Physics 2

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Alexandra Grace W - Calculus-based Physics 1 - 1110

" Mogi is *so* helpful and patient. She was able to explain things I didn't realize I hadn't understood, in a way that I could actually remember and use after the session was over. She's extremely kind and approachable, and I never felt like I was asking "dumb" questions, which was a relief because when I came to her I was hugely self-conscious of my ability to understand physics. She modeled physics thinking in a way that made me much more comfortable with the subject matter. She was also experienced and thoughtful in her tutoring methods. I honestly felt so comfortable when I would come to sessions because I knew I would come out less confused and more knowledgeable. She was always completely professional and prepared. I wondered before the first session if the hourly rate was reasonable, and it was. You absolutely get what you pay for, which is a professional tutor with expert-level experience who knows the class you're in, and who will go the extra mile to make sure you understand what you need to. Thank you Mogi! With your help I was able to transfer from the college of Arts and Sciences to the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, something I wasn't sure I would ever be able to do. I get to be an engineer!! I can't recommend Mogi enough. "

January 2018

John S - Calc 3 (MATH 2400) & Material Science Chemistry (MCEN 1023)

" Mogi once again exceeded my expectations. She was very flexible with scheduling especially around midterms for meeting for extra sessions. She made the material very relatable and easier to understand. Her use of a notebook made homework easier with another set of notes to reference and examples of similar questions to what would be on a test made exams much less stressful. "

January 2018

John S - Phys 1120

" Mogi went above and beyond my expectations. She was always prepared and had a lesson ready each time. Her use of a tutor session specific notebook was huge and really made me prepared for my quizzes and exams. She put up with my at times stupid questions and never made me feel stupid for asking questions. I would absolutely recommend Mogi to anyone. "

May 2017

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