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# of Positive 1st Session Reviews 16
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Luis has 10 years of experience tutoring Math (Pre-Algebra through Calculus III and Differential Equations), Physics, and lower-level Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering courses. During his undergraduate studies, Luis was employed in the student success center at the local community college. There, he worked with students of all ages and in various fields. During his graduate studies, he was a Teaching Assistant for an Aero/Fluids Laboratory course for 2 semesters. Luis has a Bachelor's Degree with Honors from New Mexico State University in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Mathematics and a Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. He's currently employed as a Systems Test Engineer.

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Luis can meet in the following location(s): CU Boulder Campus, Louisville, Superior
Major:Aerospace Engineering
Education:Graduated (Master's Degree)
Languages Spoken:English
Availability:Evenings, Saturdays, Sundays
Courses:High School Calculus
High School Pre-Calculus
High School Physics (including AP Physics)

APPM_1340 Calculus 1 with Algebra, Part A
APPM_1345 Calculus 1 with Algebra, Part B
APPM_1350 Calculus 1 for Engineers
APPM_1360 Calculus 2 for Engineers
APPM_2350 Calculus 3 for Engineers
APPM_2360 Introduction to Differential Equations

MATH_1005 Introduction to College Mathematics
MATH_1011 Fundamentals and Techniques of College Algebra
MATH_1021 Numerical and Analytical College Trigonometry
MATH_1081 Calculus for Social Science and Business
MATH_1150 Precalculus Mathematics
MATH_1300 Calculus 1
MATH_2300 Calculus 2
MATH_2400 Calculus 3
MATH_3130 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH_4430 Ordinary Differential Equations

PHYS_1000 Preparatory Physics
PHYS_1110 General Physics 1
PHYS_2010 General Physics 1

ASEN_2001 Aerospace 1: Introduction to Statics, Structures, and Materials
MCEN_2023 Statics and Structures
MCEN_3021 Fluid Mechanics
MCEN_3030 Computational Methods

SPAN_1010 Beginning Spanish 1
SPAN_2110 Beginning Spanish 2

References From Previous Students

References are submitted by students who've worked with the tutor on a regular basis, not just once.

Course: Math 1300, Csci 1300 Satisfactory Performance

Luis took the time to understand the gaps in my understanding of the questions I brought to him with which I was struggling. He walked through the problems with me, and went into detail to be clear on giving me context and a very valuable deeper understanding of the methodology involved in how to solve them, clearing up the confusion I had on them very quickly in a way applicable to further problems of the sort, and as building blocks for those to come. I was able to apply everything I learned from him in my math class. He really helped my confidence and provided me with resources which made my efforts in my class worthwhile. He has so much knowledge in math and is so at ease with the material, demonstrating each step of the problem solving process on his notepad and making sure I understood, I found him to be an extremely valuable step of my weekly learning process. There is no doubt I would resource him again for further questions in math.

Catherine J - CU/ FRCC Online , December 2017

Course: Math 2300-calculus Ii Satisfactory Performance

Working with Luis was a truly rewarding experience. He is an incredible person and a fantastic tutor; incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and always prepared to answer any questions I had. He is excellent in getting the student to consider the possible answer which can boost confidence. It’s clear that he's passionate about the material and knows how to teach it well—he is supportive, attentive to pace, and just a really nice guy. He gave me suggestions for homework and a lot of great resources to better my understanding in the subject. I will surely be using his services in the near future.

Luke P , September 2017

Course: Computational Methods - Mcen 3030 Satisfactory Performance

He knew the material very well and knew how to get me to understand the information very well, he's a bit slow sometime but that's okay because it's productive with learning well.

Sulaiman A , May 2017

Course: Mcen 3021 Satisfactory Performance

Luis is a great tutor. He is very knowledgable and has a great way of explaining things. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Eduardo L , December 2016

Course: Statics (MCNE 2023) Satisfactory Performance

Extremely knowledgable about all aspects of the topic. He knew how to take the problem slowly step by step and explained things in a different way if I didn't understand it the first time. If I didn't know something he didn't make me feel stupid which is extremely important. He was always friendly and in a great mood which made tutoring more enjoyable! I feel like I actually understand statics as a whole rather than in the beginning of the semester when I didn't have him as a tutor. Thanks for all of your help!

Morgan M , December 2015

Course: Calc 2 (APPM 1360) Satisfactory Performance

Luis was a great tutor. I meet with him once a week and easily passed a class I failed in a previous semester. He made everything easy to understand and would make sure I fully understood the concepts I was struggling with.

Carson H , August 2015

Course: Calc 3 - APPM 2350 Satisfactory Performance

He was able to explain things in different ways and really worked with the way I think and learn. I always came away from a session with a better understanding of everything we were working on.

Lindsey S , May 2015

Course: Calc 2 (MATH 2300) Satisfactory Performance

Luis is an incredible tutor, for my 3rd exam I only got to see him for 1 session and I got a 10% increase in my grade. For the final I had a chance to meet with him for more sessions and am confident I will do extremely well.

Frederik L , December 2014

Course: Finite Math (MATH 1071) Satisfactory Performance

Great tutor

Aaron K , December 2013

Course: Calc 2 Satisfactory Performance

Luis is a very knowledgeable and patience Tutor. I would recommend him to anyone taking Calculus or Physics courses

Daniel W , December 2013

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