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Adam is a 5th year graduate student at CU Boulder who earned a BS in physics from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His teaching career reaches back to high school when he tutored courses ranging from Algebra to Pre-calculus. During his undergraduate studies he realized the effectiveness of student TAs and peer teaching. In his junior year he became an undergraduate teaching assistant for Physics II for two semesters which lead to a job as an undergrad TA for Quantum Physics I and Electromagnetic Theory the following year. Concurrently he conducted research for the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment requiring the knowledge of multiple computer languages and analysis techniques.  
In September 2014 Adam moved to Colorado to participate in the Graduate Physics Program at CU Boulder. He TAed both physics 1110 and 1120 his first year in graduate school. He has full knowledge of both courses having taught, graded, and proctored exams for each class. 
The philosophy behind his teaching is that understanding fundamentals is key to getting a grasp on the larger, more complex picture. There are no assumptions or expectations of past knowledge in any subject tutored. Analogies to everyday experiences and logical reasoning will be used frequently during sessions and, if struggling with more mathematical concepts, background on the subjects will be reviewed or taught in necessary detail. 

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Courses Tutored

PHYS-1010 Physics of Everyday Life 1
PHYS-1020 Physics of Everyday Life 2
PHYS-1120 General Physics 2
PHYS-1140 Experimental Physics 1
PHYS-1230 Light and Color for Nonscientists
PHYS-1240 Sound and Music
PHYS-1300 Experiment in Physics
PHYS-2010 General Physics 1
PHYS-2020 General Physics 2
PHYS-2130 General Physics 3
PHYS-2170 Foundations of Modern Physics
PHYS-2210 Classical Mechanics and Mathematical Methods 1
PHYS-3220 Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics 1
PHYS-3310 Principles of Electricity and Magnetism

MATH-1150 (4) Precalculus Mathematics
MATH-1300 (5) Calculus 1
MATH-2300 (5) Calculus 2
MATH-2400 Calculus 3

Applied Mathematics
APPM-1350 Calculus 1
APPM-1360 Calculus 2
APPM-1350 Calculus 3
APPM-2360 Differential Equations
APPM-4350 Methods in Applied Mathematics: Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems

ECON-1078 Mathematical Tools for Economists 1
ECON-1088 Mathematical Tools for Economists 2

Computer Science
CSCI-1300 (4) Computer Science 1: Programming

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Reviews - 3

Melissa L - Econ 1078

" Literally the only reason I was able to pass Economics with an A "

August 2018

Eduardo L - Phys 2170

" Adam is a great tutor. I never brought him a question he wasn't able to answer. Highly recommended. "

December 2017

Alexandra A - Calculus 1300

" Really helpful, especially with breaking down problems into sections to make them easier to solve "

February 2017

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