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Chayenne is a CU Graduate with her Bachelors in Mathematics and a teaching license in secondary education. She is currently teaching high school mathematics raging from Algebra to Calculus. She was a Learning Assistant for Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 for three consecutive semesters starting during her freshman year. In addition, Chayenne also tutored at the Math Academic Recourse Center on campus and has been privately tutoring Calculus and other levels of mathematics for over five years. She also has experience tutoring through many programs, such as AVID, that assist in providing aide towards struggling youth. Chayenne was the President of the CUTeach Student Leadership Program during her Senior year in college while also perusing multiple graduate level education and math courses that will count towards her Master's Degree in the School of Education. Chayenne graduated with distinction and honors as a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, the first chapter of the Math Honor's Society at CU Boulder in decades. Chayenne has also received seven separate scholarships based off of her academic merit and her intentions on developing Calculus programs in inner city secondary education institutions.

Chayenne can meet in the following location(s): CU Boulder Campus, University Hill, Downtown Boulder, North Boulder, South Boulder, East Boulder
Education:Graduated (Bachelor's Degree)
Languages Spoken:English
Availability:Evenings, Nights, Sundays
Courses:MATH 1011 - Fund & Tech of College Algebra
MATH 1012 - Quant Reason/Math Skills
MATH 1021 - College Trigonometry
MATH 1150 - Pre-Calculus
MATH 1300 - Analytic Geometry/Calc1
MATH 2300 - Analytic Geomety/Calc 2
MATH 3120 - Functions and Modeling
MATH 3210 - Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry
MATH 3510 - Probability and Statistics
MATH 4820 - History of Mathematical Ideas
High School Algebra/Prealgebra
High School Geometry
High School Trigonometry 
High School Calculus/Precalculus

References From Previous Students

References are submitted by students who've worked with the tutor on a regular basis, not just once.

Course: Geometry Satisfactory Performance

Chayenne has been a fantastic resource for my 9th grade daughter -- they started working together during the fourth quarter of 8th grade, and during that quarter, some summer support and her first semester of 9th grade, she has gained both confidence and a much better understanding of the subject material, and pulled a struggling high C or low B to an A in her advanced math classes. Chayenne is patient and encouraging and made challenging topics much more accessible for my daughter -- I recommend her highly!

Anna S - Centennial Middle School , January 2018

Course: Algebra Satisfactory Performance

Cheyenne has a bright and cheerful approach in her effective teaching style.

Susan B - BVSD , September 2017

Course: Calc AB Satisfactory Performance

Chayenne was amazing! Helped me so much with Calculus, and she's extremely knowledgeable about everything, even with no prior warning about what we were going to work on. 10/10. She's awesome!

Kavitha S - Fairview high school , June 2017

Course: Advanced Algebra 1 (8th Grader Taking 9th Grade Math) Satisfactory Performance

Chayenne helped our daughter finish her last quarter of 9th grade math strong; she is kind and warm and my daughter likes working with her. She was able to assess where my daughter's skills were coming up short and focus on those to bring her grade up at the end of a tough quarter. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Anna S - Centennial Middle School , May 2017

Course: Calculus, Systems, And Modeling. Math 1310 Satisfactory Performance

Great tutor. I would definitely recommend Chayenne. She helped me with calculus systems and modeling (Math 1310), which is pretty much Calc 1, and she saved me from failing and I even ended up doing very well in the class. She exceeded all expectations!

Kevin M - University of Colorado at Boulder , December 2016

Course: High School Precalculus Satisfactory Performance

Cheyenne is incredibly smart and is always is on top of all of the material I need to know. She is also very friendly and easy to work with, and i never have problems asking her questions. I would definitely recommend Cheyenne to anyone who needs a math tutor.

Nico H , May 2016

Course: 8th Grade Math Satisfactory Performance

Chayenne is a very reliable tutor that teaches thoroughly and uses different approaches to ensure understanding of the material. Our student was comfortable asking questions and enjoys working with her.

Robin K , May 2016

Course: High School Geometry Satisfactory Performance

I would highly recommend Chayanne. She was professional, kind, knowledgeable and patient.

Aidyn R , April 2016

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