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Daniel obtained his B.A. in Chemistry with an emphasis in Mathematics and Engineering at New Mexico State University and earned a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Colorado Boulder. He further earned a Six Sigma Statistical Practitioner graduate certificate. He is currently pursuing a Six Sigma Black Belt graduate certificate through University of Colorado's Engineering Management Program while concurrently working as an analytical chemist at the National Water Quality Laboratory. As an undergraduate, he was employed for four years at Dona Ana Community College (a local branch of New Mexico State) as a tutor in Math (developmental to Calculus 3), Chemistry, Physics, and backup English where he received Tutor of the Year. In addition to these subjects, he has a background in Music Theory, Beginning Piano, Creative Writing, and Theatre (character/script analysis and performance technique). Daniel graduated with high honors with a 3.989 GPA and received the Outstanding Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Award as a result of his scholastic and leadership achievements.

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Daniel can meet in the following location(s): CU Boulder Campus, Louisville, Superior, Broomfield
Major:Chemical Engineering, Six Sigma Statistical Practitioner Graduate Certificate
Education:Graduated (Master's Degree)
Languages Spoken:English
Availability:Evenings, Saturdays, Sundays
Courses:High School: chemistry, pre-algebra, algebra 1,2, english, english AP, creative writing, music theory, drama

ENGL 1191 Introduction to Creative Writing

ECON 1078 Mathematical Tools for Economists I
ECON 1088 Mathematical Tools for Economists II

CHEM 1021 Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 1113 General Chemistry 1
CHEM 1400 Foundations of Chemistry
CHEM 1133 General Chemistry 2 
MCEN 1024 Chemistry for Engineering and Material Science
CHEN 1211 General Chemistry for Engineers

MATH 1005 Introduction to College Mathematics
MATH 1011 Fundamentals and Techniques of College Algebra
MATH 1081 Calculus for Social Science and Business

PHYS 1000 Preparatory Physics

EMEN 5005 Introduction to Applied Statistical Methods

STATS: Most general statistics courses (must see syllabus/content example prior to accepting student due to differences in software used/curriculum)
This includes BCOR 1020, BCOR 1025, MATH 1212, MATH 2510, STAT 2600, MBAC 6030, MBAC 6031

Standardized Tests SAT, ACT, GRE General (All content)
Software Packages: MVP Stats, MegaStats, Basic minitab and SPSS, General Excel statistical commands, select packages and general navigation in R

General Mentoring/Study skills

References From Previous Students

References are submitted by students who've worked with the tutor on a regular basis, not just once.

Course: 8th Grade Math Satisfactory Performance

For those of you who have seen The Blind Side , Daniel was essentially our Miss Sue. We could not have helped our daughter in school the way he did. Daniel was prompt, professional, organized and effective. He touched base with us every week regarding progress, challenges, and the next week's schedule. He was flexible and very easy to work with. Our daughter who had been getting C's and D's ended her semester with A's and B's! Thank you, Daniel!!

Anna B , May 2016

Course: Precalculus For Engineers (APPM 1235) Satisfactory Performance

Daniel was always on time and super attentive. He was great with rescheduling also. He was patient in teaching me things I didn't understand the first time. He even would email me help if I needed a quick answer. He was very knowledgeable in everything I asked.

Morgan L , January 2016

Course: General Chemistry 2 (CHEM 1133) Satisfactory Performance

Daniel made the information make sense to me, personally. He is so knowledgeable but never patronizing while relaying information.

Maddie H , January 2016

Course: Quantitative methods (MBAC 6031) Satisfactory Performance

Dan was a great tutor. He was always willing to make time to meet and was very helpful when we did meet. Dan knew the material very well and was great at explaining the material.

Ronny B , December 2015

Course: Chemistry For Energy And Material Science (MCEN 1024) Satisfactory Performance

Daniel was very good at explaining and simplifying complex things in Chemistry. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is struggling with a Chem course.

Mansour A , December 2015

Course: Statistical Methods (EMEN 5005 / APPPM 4570) Satisfactory Performance

Daniel is an excellent tutor - he always came well prepared for sessions and offered additional explanations to go beyond the basic material. Highly recommended!

Alexander G , December 2015

Course: General Chemistry 1 Lab (CHEM 1114) Satisfactory Performance

Daniel was very help in dumbing down the subject of chemistry for me and making it easier for me to comprehend it.

Jim S , December 2015

Course: General Chemistry 1 (CHEM 1113) Satisfactory Performance

My tutor was always on time. He was patient with me and was very knowledgable about Chemistry. He always knew the answer, and if on the rare occasion he wasn't positive about something, he texted me later to help me on his own time. He was always willing to reschedule, and was very flexible and was willing to work with my schedule. He was very professional, never waisted time, and was very focused. I couldn't have gotten the grade that I did in Chemistry without him.

Jordan Z , May 2015

Course: General Chemistry 1 (CHEM 1113) Satisfactory Performance

Daniel is a great tutor. He is always well prepared, and always on time. He is very well versed in chemistry, and always knew how to help me.

Jordan Z , December 2014

Course: High School Advanced Algebra 1 Satisfactory Performance

Kenzie really like Daniel and said he was a great tutor who helped her understand the material she was having issues with.

Makenzie H , May 2014

Course: General Chemistry 1 (CHEM 1113) Satisfactory Performance

I have been meeting with tutors since middle school and Daniel is by far the greatest tutor I have encountered. He is incredibly patient and knowledgable. He knows all chemistry concepts off the top of his head and is able to provide incredibly good explanations to a student with little chemistry background. Daniel is incredibly professional. I met with him 3+ times a week since the second week of the semester and not once was Daniel late nor did he ever cancel a session. I would highly recommend Daniel as a tutor.

Chelsey W , December 2013

Course: College Algebra (MATH 1011) Satisfactory Performance

Daniel is an awesome tutor, he is very timely and organized.

Jennifer R , December 2013

Course: Business Calc (MATH 1081) Satisfactory Performance

I suggest Daniel for tutoring in Math courses.

Trevor J , January 2013

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