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Paul has been part of BuffTutor since Fall 2013. He has successfully tutored university, college, and high school students for 15 years. In addition, Paul has served for 6 years as an Adjunct Professor at Front Range Community College in Mathematics, Physics, and Meteorology. As part of The University of Colorado, Paul has fulfilled the role of Teaching Assistant for Physics, Energy & the Environment, ATOC, and ATOC Laboratory. He has also worked with collegiate student athletes.

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Paul can meet in the following location(s): Online, CU Boulder Campus, University Hill, Downtown Boulder, North Boulder, South Boulder, East Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Broomfield, Westminster
Major:Atmospheric Science, Physics, Mathematics, Meteorology
Education:Graduated (Master's Degree)
Languages Spoken:English
Availability:Daytime, Evenings, Nights, Saturdays, Sundays
Courses:ATOC 1050 - Weather at the Atmosphere
ATOC 1060 - Our Changing Environment: El Nino, Ozone, and Climate
ATOC 1070 - Weather and Atmosphere Laboratory
ATOC 3300 - Analysis of Climate and Weather Observations
ATOC 3600 - Principles of Climate
ATOC 4215 - Descriptive Physical Oceanography
ATOC 4500 - Atmospheric Physics
ATOC 4700 - Weather Analysis & Forecasting
ATOC 4710 - Introduction to Atmospheric Physics
ATOC 4720 - Introduction to Atmospheric Physics & Dynamics
ATOC 4770 - Wind Energy Meteorology
ATOC 5050 - Atmospheric Thermodynamics & Dynamics
ATOC 5051 - Introduction to Physical Oceanography
ATOC 5060 - Dynamics of the Atmosphere & Oceans
ATOC 5235 - Introduction to Atmospheric Radiative Transfer & Remote Sensing
ATOC 5570 - Wind Energy Meteorology

APPM 1235 - Pre-Calculus for Engineers
APPM 1340 - Calculus 1 with Algebra, Part A
APPM 1345 - Calculus 1 with Algebra, Part B
APPM 1350 - Calculus 1 for Engineers
APPM 1360 - Calculus 2 for Engineers
APPM 1710 - Tools and Methods for Engineering Computing
APPM 2350 - Calculus 3 for Engineers
APPM 2360 - Introduction to Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
APPM 2450 - Calculus 3 Computer Lab
APPM 2460 - Differential Equations Computer Lab

MATH 1005 - Introduction to College Mathematics
MATH 1011 - Fundamentals and Techniques of College Algebra
MATH 1012 - Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematical Skills
MATH 1021 - Numerical and Analytical College Trigonometry
MATH 1071 - Finite Mathematics for Social Science and Business
MATH 1081 - Calculus for Social Science and Business
MATH 1110 - The Spirit and Uses of Mathematics 1
MATH 1120 - The Spirit and Uses of Mathematics 2
MATH 1130 - Mathematics from the Visual Arts
MATH 1150 - Precalculus Mathematics
MATH 1300 - Calculus 1
MATH 1310 - Calculus, Stochastics, and Modeling
MATH 1410 - Mathematics for Secondary Educators
MATH 2001 - Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MATH 2300 - Calculus 2
MATH 2400 - Calculus 3
MATH 2510 - Introduction to Statistics 
MATH 3120 - Functions and Modeling
MATH 3130 - Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 3430 - Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 3510 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MATH 4430 - Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 4470 - Partial Differential Equations 1

PHYS 1000 - Preparatory Physics
PHYS 1010 - Physics of Everyday Life 1
PHYS 1020 - Physics of Everyday Life 2
PHYS 1110 - General Physics 1
PHYS 1120 - General Physics 2
PHYS 1140 - Experimental Physics 1
PHYS 1150 - Experimental Physics 2
PHYS 1230 - Light and Color for Nonscientists
PHYS 1240 - Sound and Music
PHYS 1300 - Experiment in Physics
PHYS 2010 - General Physics 1
PHYS 2020 - General Physics 2
PHYS 2160 - Experimental Physics
PHYS 2210 - Classical Mechanics and Mathematical Methods 1

High School Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus
High School U.S. History
High School Physics
High School Earth Science

AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC
AP Physics


References From Previous Students

References are submitted by students who've worked with the tutor on a regular basis, not just once.

Course: Intro To Statistics 2510 Satisfactory Performance

Paul is a great tutor who is very helpful in different subjects. I met with him once a week for statistics, and he was able to help me out in another course. He is very reliable and I would definitely recommend Paul if you need help in a course

Joseph G - University of Colorado , June 2018

Course: Physics I (1110) Satisfactory Performance

Very knowledgeable and friendly- can get right into learning quickly.

Taylor G - CU Boulder , June 2018

Course: Phys 1110 Satisfactory Performance

SUPER helpful and knowledgeable about the subjects. Very flexible with scheduling and is patient with learning and mastering. I would highly recommend.

Alaina G - University of Colorado Boulder , January 2018

Course: Math 1212 Satisfactory Performance

Paul is straight to the point with each problem & task, regardless of difficulty or your experience, he will make sure you get it. In the several decades worth of struggles i've had with math (i'm an older student), i've never had someone as helpful as him. He doesn't waste time with ambiguous analogies or force you to guess for 5-10 minutes at a time what is going on with misleading questions, he is very blunt and straight to the point with what each problem is "doing" in the real world or with physical analogies. This is the first person i've interacted with in my life who has adequately and unambiguously explained to me what algebra actually "does" beyond letters and numbers, as is unfortunately taken for granted by most college and high school instructors.

Scott U - CU Boulder , December 2017

Course: Physics Satisfactory Performance

Paul is a great tutor, he knows what he is talking about and is very organized when it comes to scheduling

Jacqueline O - monarch , June 2017

Course: Classical Mechanics and Math Methods (PHYS 2210) Satisfactory Performance

Paul is a great guy that is always happy to help. He does a great job at sharing his thought process with you, and if there's something that's difficult, we struggle together to figure it out. This, to me, is far more valuable than simply having the answers thrown at you. He is honestly interested in the material and has fun breaking down the problems and finding different ways to solve them. He is also very flexible when it comes to schedule changes.

Brandon S , January 2014

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