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Aroob was training for three years to be a math and chemistry high school teacher before she decided she wanted to do research first and joined the PhD program at CU Boulder. During those three years, she had to attend pedagogical seminars monthly (at least) to teach her how to teach science and math to those that struggled with it, and how to make abstract concepts more universally understood. She also was part of the EFE (Early Field Experience) program that placed her in a high school chemistry class, and a middle school Algebra class, each for 1 semester. In those semesters, she observed some of the best teachers in the Fresno Unified School District teach, and she herself was responsible in teaching at least one lesson in each semester, with feedback from her students. Aroob was also a TA for GenChem 1 in Fall 2014/Spring 2015/Summer2015, as well as Gen Chem 2 Summer 2015/Fall 2015 and she was a head TA for Gen Chem 2 ins Spring 2016.  She enjoyed having her own classes for a semester and helping them succeed. She has won the Teaching Excellence Award in the Chemistry department both years she has taught.
<p>Aroob has informally tutored many of her friends in almost every STEM subject she has taken, as she did pretty well in those subjects, earning A's (in some cases, the top score or second best- she is competitive). She has also formally tutored a student for 6 years in Arabic and Math, following her from middle school to high school. Besides that, she was a Sunday School teacher for 6 years, she has helped lead programs to introduce math and science to thousands of elementary and middle school kids in the San Joaquin Valley via programs called Circuit Science and Stellar Science, and she overall loves to teach, and enjoys it very much when people learn, and will do everything in her power to get the student that far. 

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Chem 1113 - General Chemistry 1
Chem 1114- Laboratory in General Chemistry 1 
Chem 1133- General Chemistry 2
Chem 1134- Laboratory in General Chemistry 2
Chen 1211- General Chemistry for Engineers
Chem 1021- Introductory Chemistry
MATH 1011 - College Algebra
High School  Algebra
Middle School Algebra

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Georgia F - Advanced_algebra_2

" Aroob is a super tutor! She has helped my daughter turn her grade in an advanced math class in high school around with excellent advice, practical work for her to do to get a stronger grasp on the material, and she is friendly, 100% appropriate, and is amazing with helping to build my daughter's overall confidence. We have recommended to her friends who have also had great results. We all really like her so much! "

December 2018

Rorey M - Gen Chem 2

" Excellent tutor, very patient and answered my questions thoroughly and in a way I could understand. I would highly recommend Aroob! "

December 2018

Geneva M - Gen Chem 1

" Aroob is amazing. She is beyond patient and will work through a problem as many times as it takes for you to understand it. "

January 2018

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