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7 Denver Tutors

Paul Q

Boulder, Denver, Online Tutor
Graduated (Master's Degree)
Atmospheric Science, Physics, Mathematics, Meteorology
700 - 800 Hours
No Longer Accepting Students
Paul can meet: Online, CU Boulder Campus, University Hill, Downtown Boulder, North Boulder, South Boulder, East Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Broomfield, Westminster
Paul has been part of BuffTutor since Fall 2013. He has successfully tutored university, college, and high school students for 15 years. In addition, Paul has served for 6 years as an Adjunct Professor at Front Range Community College in Mathematics, Physics, and Meteorology. As part of The University of Colorado, Paul has fulfilled the role of Teaching Assistant for Physics, Energy & the Environment, ATOC, and ATOC Laboratory. He has also worked with collegiate student athletes....

Chayenne T

Boulder, Denver Tutor
Graduated (Bachelor's Degree)
200 - 300 Hours
No Longer Accepting Students
Chayenne can meet: CU Boulder Campus, University Hill, Downtown Boulder, North Boulder, South Boulder, East Boulder
Chayenne is a CU Graduate with her Bachelors in Mathematics and a teaching license in secondary education. She is currently teaching high school mathematics raging from Algebra to Calculus. She was a Learning Assistant for Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 for three consecutive semesters starting during her freshman year. In addition, Chayenne also tutored at the Math Academic Recourse Center on campus and has been privately tutoring Calculus and other levels of mathematics for over five years. She also has experience tutoring through many programs, such as AVID, that assist in providing aide towards struggling youth. Chayenne was the President of the CUTeach Student Leadership Program during her Senior year in college while also perusing multiple graduate level education and math courses that will count towards her Master's Degree in the School of Education. Chayenne graduated with distinction and honors as a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, the first chapter of the Math Honor's Society at CU Boulder...

Margot M

Denver, Boulder Tutor
Graduated (Bachelor's Degree)
Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Biological Sciences & Sustainability
20 - 30 Hours
No Longer Accepting Students
Margot can meet: Cu-Boulder Campus, Boulder, Downtown Louisville, Student's School Campus, Denver
Margot has been a tutor for about 5 years now, and is a very easy-going, approachable individual who students often feel very comfortable around. She creates a safe learning environment where no questions are silly, as she knows how difficult many of these concepts can be. She does her best to adapt to everybody's individual learning style, and is more than happy to hear about your specific concerns and will develop techniques that will allow you to understand these topics easily and completely. The key to succeeding in these topics is to be patient and to work to find a way that allows you to understand it within your own mental framework. She promises that if you work together, you will definitely find a learning style that works best for you that will eliminate many of the frustrations associated with these classes. She has recently graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry, with minors in Sustainability and ...

Joshua S

Denver, Boulder, Online Tutor
Graduated (PhD)
Mathematics, Physics (Bachelors)
10 - 20 Hours
No Longer Accepting Students
Joshua can meet: Denver, Boulder availability on the weekends, Online with Google Hangouts
Josh received a BS degree from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2009 where he was a Mathematics and Physics double-major. He completed his PhD program in Mathematics at the University of Virginia in 2015 with a concentration in algebraic geometry and number theory. After graduating, he worked as an actuarial associate in Philadelphia until 2017. He currently works in Denver as a quantitative analyst for a large bank. While at UVa, he taught calculus 1, 2, and 3/multivariable as a primary instructor and was the runner-up for the graduate teaching award in 2014. Prior to that, he worked as a teaching assistant at UVa, where he ran discussion sections for introductory to intermediate mathematics courses (Calc 3 and differential equations). He worked as a private tutor to UVa mathematics students for all levels of undergraduate mathematics courses. This ranged from introductory courses (e.g. precalculus) to advanced, senior-level courses (e.g. analysis, algebra, and topology). As an undergraduate, Josh ...

Enrique G

Denver, Boulder Tutor
Graduate Student
Majors - Biology and Chemistry Minor - Psychology
0 - 10 Hours
Accepting Students
Enrique can meet: CU Boulder Campus, Downtown Denver, Auraria Campus, DU Campus, Students Home, and Students School Campus
Graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a double major in Biology and Chemistry. As well as a minor in Psychology. Has done university research and funded research in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry. Was Head Laboratory Prep and Teaching Assistant for 2 and half years for the Biochemistry lab. Was also a Teaching Assistant for the General Chemistry lab for a year. Was sole Teaching Assistant and Co-Instructor for Introduction to Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry course. Goal as a teacher is to instill and develop habits and strategies in students that will eventually grow confidence in their academic areas. With the overarching goal being that students under his tutelage, will no longer need or be dependent on a tutor to succeed. With time and effort, students will have the confidence and knowledge to •Break down problems •Be more efficient and prepared for exams •Be able to understand and retain more information from lectures and readings...

Spencer S

Denver, Online Tutor
Graduated (Bachelor's Degree)
Biology and Chemistry
New Tutor
Accepting Students
Spencer can meet: Anywhere in the Denver Metro area including Boulder if necessary
Graduated from MSUD with Bachelors in both Biology and Chemistry, Spencer has been a STEM tutor for undergraduate students since March '16 and a Teaching Assistant for Anatomy and Physiology I, II, and Advanced since August '15. Spencer believes that a multidiscipline approach is the best method for learning, especially in the disciplines of Biology and Chemistry. Spencer additionally has training in learning-psychology techniques in order to cater the type of material to the method that works most efficiently in learning it. Spencer has coached numerous students through advanced chemistry and biology courses to getting a high grade they did not think they were capable of....

Gunnar H

Denver, Boulder Tutor
Undergraduate Student
New Tutor
Accepting Students
Gunnar can meet: Superior, Downtown Denver, Broomfield, Westminster
Gunnar's two years experience as an MSU Denver tutor has helped him understand the variability in understanding how students learn. Most his students leave sessions feeling refreshed on information they couldn't grasp at the beginning of the session. At MSU Denver, he was one of three students to receive an A in Intermediate Finance, a course that has a 60% fail/drop rate. He is consistently praised in his department as an intellectually curious individual who strives for the answer to tough problems. He has had a wide range of success in getting students to pass their exams and understands ways to get students supplemental information. He encourages you to find the answer and utilizes visual aids, explanations, and real world examples depending on the student. Though resources may be scarce he utilizes technology to demonstrate problems as if they were on a white board during a lecture. ...