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Mogi M

Graduated (Master's Degree)
Chemical Engineering
Accepting Students
Mogi can meet: CU Boulder Campus
    Mogi received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University at the age of 19 and received her M.S. in Chemical & Biological Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  At Purdue, she was employed as a Calculus and Chemistry tutor by the university's Minority Engineering Program.  She also worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the Chemical Engineering Calculations course (equivalent to CU's Chemical Engineering Materials & Energy Balances course) and for the Design of Staged Separation Processes course.  As a graduate student at CU, she worked as an advanced graduate teaching assistant for the Chemical Engineering Kinetics  course.    In the Fall of 2009, Mogi left CU's PhD program and founded the BuffTutor Network. Since then, she has tutored hundreds of students in Math, Chemistry and Physics.  As a full-time tutor, Mogi is able to devote all of her time to addressing her students' academic needs, and as the directo...

Luciana M

Graduate Student
Accepting Students
Luciana can meet: CU Boulder Campus, University Hill, Auraria, Lakewood
<p style="text-indent: 0.5in;">Luciana received her B.A. and Teaching License in Portuguese, with minor in Linguistics in 2006 and received her M.A. in Linguistics in 2008, all from University of São Paulo, Brazil. Currently, she is a PhD student and T.A. in the Department of Linguistics, with a focus on Portuguese phonetics and phonology, and romance linguistics. She is a native speaker of Portuguese and fluent in Spanish. Luciana is an experienced Portuguese and ESL instructor, with considerable knowledge of Portuguese and Brazilian literatures, as well as Portuguese and Spanish composition, grammar and phonetics, and general linguistics (phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, etc.). Besides Portuguese and Spanish, Luciana is also available teach Linguistics. She can work around student’s needs and goals, so she will be able to help you out with your needs.</p>...

Daniel M

Graduated (Master's Degree)
Chemical Engineering
Accepting Students
Daniel can meet: CU Boulder Campus, University Hill, Downtown Boulder, North Boulder, South Boulder, East Boulder
Daniel obtained his B.A. in Chemistry with an emphasis in Mathematics and Engineering at New Mexico State University in 2012 and earned a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Colorado Boulder in May 2015.  He is currently pursuing a graduate Six Sigma Statistical Practitioner certificate through University of Colorado's Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program while concurrently working as an analytical chemist at the National Water Quality Laboratory.  As an undergraduate, he was employed for four years at Dona Ana Community College (a local branch of New Mexico State) as a tutor in Math (developmental to Calculus 3), Chemistry, Physics, and backup English where he received Tutor of the Year.  In addition to these subjects, he has a background in Spanish, Music Theory, Beginning Piano, Creative Writing, and Theatre (character/script analysis and performance technique).  Daniel graduated with high honors with a 3.989 GPA and received the Outs...

Jessica B

Graduated (Bachelor's Degree)
Spanish Language and Literature, Linguistics
Accepting Students
Jessica can meet: CU Boulder Campus, Downtown Boulder
After studying Spanish for 14 years, Jessica finished her degree at the Universidad de Costa Rica in San Jose, Costa Rica.  She graduated from CU Boulder in May 2013 with a BA in Spanish Language and Literature and Linguistics and has six years formal tutoring experience to both individuals and groups.  In addition to her time as a high school Spanish teacher, she most recently was living in Toluca, Mexico teaching English to college students through a Fulbright grant. Her expertise includes helping students with reading comprehension, grammar form and usage, and writing academic Spanish essays.  Her combined Spanish and linguistic knowledge allows her to explain difficult Spanish concepts in ways that are easy for native English speakers to understand and apply.  Whatever your goal is, from perfecting your pronunciation, composing a final paper, or just passing the class, Jessica will help you get there....

Art B

Graduated (PhD)
Accepting Students
Art can meet: CU Boulder Campus, University Hill, Downtown Boulder, North Boulder, South Boulder, East Boulder
Art is a retired Physics Professor, having taught for 4 decades at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Art stressed fundamental concepts, math skills and critical thinking and will do the same as your tutor. Art has many practice Quizzes and tests to help students become better students and to build confidence. Students can check out his previous student evaluations at the RateMyProfessor web site.  Search for Braundmeier, at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  Art works for the BuffTutor Network from within his own tutoring service Dr. B's Tutoring, LLC....

Luis N

Graduate Student
Aerospace Engineering
Accepting Students
Luis can meet: CU Boulder Campus
Luis has 7 years of experience tutoring Math (Pre-Algebra through Calculus III and Differential Equations), Physics, and lower-level Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering courses. He was also a Teaching Assistant for an Aero/Fluids Laboratory course for 2 semesters. Luis has a Bachelor's Degree with Honors from New Mexico State University in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. He is currently a graduate student in Aerospace Engineering....

Charlie G

Graduated (Master's Degree)
Accepting Students
Charlie can meet: CU Boulder Campus, University Hill, Downtown Boulder, North Boulder, South Boulder, East Boulder
<p>Charlie is a May 2014 graduate of CU Boulder's Asian Languages MA in Japanese. After three years of working as a TA for Japanese language courses at CU, Charlie is applying to PhD programs in North America and Japan this next year in order to achieve the super-epic-dream-job of teaching Japanese language and civilizations classes at a university.</p>...

Anders M

Graduate Student
M.S. Aerospace Engineering
Accepting Students
Anders can meet: CU Boulder Campus
Anders graduated with honors in June 2014 with his B.S. in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering concentration, and is currently pursuing his M.S. in Aerospace Engineering. He has had experience as a tutor since his first year in high school, tutoring subjects such as Math and History for all four years, and later was also a Math and Physics tutor the junior and senior years of his undergraduate program. Having been a tutor for such a long time, he has had the opportunity to see many different learning styles, and enjoys being able to help people understand the areas of math and science....

Ariana B

Graduated (Bachelor's Degree)
No Longer Accepting Students
Ariana can meet: CU Boulder Campus, South Boulder
<p>Ariana graduated with a BA in Integrated Physiology in 2015. She has tutored students for over six years and was a TA for general chemistry and organic chemistry at Scripps College in California. She excels at helping students learn study tactics for memorization-heavy biology classes and at teaching the problem-solving necessary for succeding in chemistry.</p>...

Ryan L

Graduated (Bachelor's Degree)
Engineering- Electrical and Mechanical
Accepting Students
Ryan can meet: CU Boulder Campus
Ryan graduated from Colorado School of Mines where he received his Bachelors in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. During his undergrad, he spent 5 semesters as a Teaching Assistant for Physics 2 and 1 semester for Physics 1, working with students one-on-one, in groups, and assisting practical lab exercise. He has also tutored students in Physics, Circuits, Statics and Calculus both before and after graduating....