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Payment Instructions


Please use our online payment form to pay for your tutor sessions before they occur.  You may not pay your tutor directly!  Prepay for your sessions in 2 easy steps:

1) Submit our online payment form - you may choose to prepay for one or as many sessions as you would like.  While we do not have a recurring payment system, we'd recommend prepaying for multiple sessions instead.  Use our online tools to keep track of all your payments and charges (Account Summary).  All unused prepaid hours will be fully refunded after your last session.
2) Complete your payment using one of the following methods:
 Cards Accepted Google Wallet banner   PayPal Logo  Square-Logo
  • A card processing fee is added
  • We use Stripe to process cards 
  • We do not store CC information
  • E-mail us your payment!
  • Credit/Debit Card, Bank Acct
  • No processing fee is added
  • Credit / Debit or PayPal Balance
  • A small processing fee is added
We also accept Check & Cash payments.  
  • Cash or Check payments may be deposited at any Elevations Credit Union, instructions will be provided once the payment form is submitted.
  • There is an Elevations branch in the UMC on the CU-Boulder campus.  Please visit their website for other branch locations.  
  • No processing fee is added.
 mail icon
  • Send us a check (not cash) in the mail. The check must be received BEFORE your tutor session, so please plan accordingly.  
  • A mailing address will be provided when you submit the payment form.
  • No processing fee is added.