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Request A Refund
Please submit this form to request a refund for one of the following reasons:
1) Unused pre-paid tutor sessions (no fee will be applied) - Select "Refund Account Balance" option. You may request a refund of your account balance at any point in the semester. 
2) Unsatisfied with first tutor session - if you were not pleased with your tutor's performance during the FIRST session, you may request a full refund for that session (no fee will be applied).  Select "Refund First Session" option
3) Unsatisfied with tutor - if you were initially satisfied with your tutor, but later in the semester you decided to end your sessions due to your tutor's unsatisfactory performance, you may request a refund for your last session (subject to a 25% processing fee). Select "Refund Last Session" option.
Please note that a request for a refund of a session (reason 2 or 3) must be made within 7 days of the session in dispute.  We may email or call you to discuss what happened during the session and why your tutor's performance was unsatisfactory.

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