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End of Semester Evaluation

After your final tutor session this semester, please take a moment to evaluate your tutor's overall performance throughout the semester and our service to you.   Your comments will be shared with your tutor anonymously, so please be brutally honest!  If you met with more than one tutor, please submit an evaluation form for each tutor. 

Press the "Submit" button ONCE and wait for the confirmation page.  

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Tutor Evaluation

Please be brutally honest in your comments below, this is your education we're talking about!  Please try to address the following:
- Explain what made your tutor's teaching style effective.  Would you want to work with him/her again in the future?  Why?
- Was he/she patient with you? Did you feel comfortable asking ANY question?
- Was your tutor professional and always prepared for sessions?
- Did your tutor frequently reschedule or cancel sessions? Was your tutor frequently late?
- Was your tutor's rate reasonable? Was working with this tutor more beneficial than using the free services provided by the school, e.g. office hours and helprooms? Why?

BuffTutor Evaluation