Tutor Application Rules

   Established in 2009, the BuffTutor Network has rapidly grown into a fast and very effective tutor referral service.  Every semester, we receive hundreds of tutor requests from all fields of study (primarily Math & Science), so we are always looking for brilliant and exceptional tutors to add to our network!  

   We consist of full time and part-time tutors, so we are a great organization for experienced tutors who are still students or who have graduated and are in between jobs/careers. Our tutors have the flexibility to set their own rate and schedule, taking on only as many students as they want or can handle.  Please read the following document for more information about how the program is structured and for eligibility criteria.

*** We are expanding to Denver & Fort Collins! Apply today to join in Fall 2015! *** 
Interview Dates: March 23-27, May 18-29 (more dates will be added soon)
Effective Tutor Matching Service

By hand-picking the tutors who join our network, thousands of students and parents have turned to the BuffTutor Network as a trusted source of experienced and passionate tutors.  In the past few years, the number of requests we have received has steadily increased.  In the last year alone, we received over 500 tutor requests each semester (not including Summer semester), and most of our tutors were fully booked by the second set of midterms.  About 75% of the requests that come in are for Math, Science and Economics courses.  

How It Works
Step 1: We Find The Student For you
We take care of all the marketing required to find the students.  Our tutors simply wait for an e-mail from us with the student’s contact information.
Step 2: Use Our Online Tools To Keep Track of Session Payments and Charges
We provide online tools to record and keep track of all sessions and payments.  Our tutors use these tools to check if a student has paid for an upcoming session, charge students for sessions, review student evaluations, and keep track of all payments received from us. 
Step 3: Easy Payment System
We require students to pay us upfront for tutor sessions.  This protects our tutors by eliminating the risk of students refusing or forgetting to pay for sessions.  Tutors are paid by us every 2 weeks for their work.  To pay for our services, a predetermined percent will be deducted from tutor’s earnings before the tutor is paid.  For more information, please submit the tutor application form and schedule an interview.


The BuffTutor Network consists primarily of undergraduate & graduate students, however any tutor holding at least a Bachelors degree (from any accredited University/College) is also allowed to apply.  As a tutor, you must:

1) be a U.S.A. citizen or be legally allowed to work in the U.S.A.  Unfortunately, J-1 or F-1 international students or any non-immigrants who do not have work permission cannot be a part of the BuffTutor Network.
2) have a 3.0 or better major GPA (out of 4.0) in your field of study, not just a 3.0 cumulative GPA
3) have earned a B+ or better in the course you wish to tutor.  A transcript must be provided.
4) have at least one year experience as a tutor, teacher, teaching/learning assistant or instructor.  This is non-negotiable!  Simply assisting friends with a class or homework or working as a grader does NOT count as teaching experience.
5) have excellent communication skills, the English Language cannot be a barrier even if you are a Foreign Language tutor (Foreign Language tutors must be fluent in the Foreign Language they wish to tutor)
6) be able to work with assigned students through the end of the semester and be around until the end of finals.  If you have plans to travel during the semester, you cannot be away for more than 7 days in the semester (this does not include school holidays).
Additional requirements for undergraduate students (including transfer students), you must:
7) be at least a junior in your field of study (not just by credit hours)
8) have completed at least one year at your current college/university
Please Note:
- You cannot tutor a course that you are currently employed by the university as a teaching or learning assistant
- To tutor a course that is part of a series, you must have completed all courses in the series with a B or better (and at least a B+ in the course you want to tutor).  In other words, to tutor Calc 1, you must have completed Calc 1-3, achieved at least B+ in Calc 1 and at least a B in Calc 2 and Calc 3.
- You can only tutor courses you are proficient in, that are directly related to your field of study, or you have experience tutoring/teaching; in other words, just taking a writing course does not make you capable of being a writing tutor.