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Please submit the following form to request a specific tutor; if you do not have a tutor preference, the provided information will help us select the best available tutor for you.  You will hear from us within 48 hours; on average, we are able to match students and tutors within 12 hours.  Please press the "Submit" button ONCE and wait for the confirmation page.

If you need a tutor for more than one course, please submit this form for EACH individual course.

09/30/2014 - Please note that most of our Math and Science tutors are fully booked and unable to accommodate more students. We are in the process of hiring more qualified tutors, however we cannot guarantee a tutor match within 48 hours. If you request a specific tutor, be sure to carefully review the tutor's online calendar to make sure you can fit into his/her schedule.  In the "Other Requests or Concerns" section, state what days and times work for you and we'll reach out to the requested tutor to see if he/she can squeeze you in to his/her schedule.

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