Make A Payment

For this payment to immediately show up in your account, log into your BuffTutor account BEFORE making the payment. If you do not log in first, it may take up to 24 hours for this payment to show up on your account.

Payment Method Options
1) Credit / Debit Card - We use PayPal to process all credit card payments.  A PayPal account is NOT required.  Select the PayPal option and on PayPal's website, select "Pay With A Debit Or Credit Card".  A 3% processing fee is added.
2) Debit Card - Select Square Cash to pay by  Debit Card with no processing fee. (US Debit Cards only, learn more).
3) Google Wallet - Select this option to pay by Google Wallet, Debit Card or bank account. No processing fee.
4) Cash / Check - Select this option and then mail in a check or drop off the payment at an Elevations Credit Union branch.  Further instructions will be provided when you submit the form. No processing fee.
A small processing fee will be added to PayPal payments.